Perfectly Imperfect Floral


You are perfect the way you are. On your good days, on your messy days, on the days you don’t feel like yourself. You are perfectly imperfect.

Introducing our latest addition to the collection, the “Perfectly Imperfect Floral” t-shirt!

We believe that imperfections are what make us unique and special, and this t-shirt is a celebration of just that. Made from the softest cotton and designed with a relaxed fit, this t-shirt is perfect for any occasion.

Embrace your flaws and show off your individuality with this t-shirt that proudly displays the message “Perfectly Imperfect” with the floral bouquet. It’s a reminder to embrace the quirks that make us who we are, and to love ourselves for exactly who we are.

This t-shirt is not just a fashion statement, it’s a movement. Join us in celebrating our imperfections and breaking the mold of traditional beauty standards. Wear it with pride, knowing that you’re a part of something bigger.

Add the “Perfectly Imperfect” t-shirt to your wardrobe today and start embracing your uniqueness!


Designed & Printed locally in Alberta, Canada. 

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